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Brick and Mortar

Bring your brick and mortar business into the future of online interactions. Add Live Video Calls to your list of services.

Online Business

Supercharge your online business with cutting edge video interaction technology.


Present instant live product demos from the convenience of your office and the customers home. Video sales for business has never been this easy.

Professional Business Applications

Several professions can stand to benefit from Intellacall’s services. We’ve streamlined our delivery of live video calls to deal with the most common fields that need this service in their business lives. Among our service offerings dedicated to professionals in specific areas are:

  • Roofing Professionals
  • Masons
  • Plumbers
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Landscapers
  • HVAC Experts
  • Interior Designers

Each of these professional services can incorporate live video calls into their consultation sites so that clients can deal with them directly and immediately. Having a face-to-face consultation through a scheduled video call has never been easier!

Intellacall Capabilities

Bring your service business into the 21st century with the ability to see your customers issue in real-time while you’re in the field or your office. See what materials you will need or walk the customer through troubleshooting procedures before you arrive. Intellacall provides infrastructure businesses that need to conduct remote site-visits or walk clients through troubleshooting remotely. Live video calls are irreplaceable for these scenarios.

Professionals can even make free estimates cost-effective by getting the proposed project’s scope and practicality before scheduling an in-person visit.

Seamless Experience for Your Customers

  • No downloads, No friending
  • Privacy protection
  • Any device / Any OS
  • Instant Live Video Calls from their phone or computer
  • Share Documents, Videos, and Images with customers within the same interaction window.

Oversight of the Entire Sales Process

  • Call recording and forwarding
  • Review interactions for training and management
  • Team management, analytics, reporting
  • CRM / Web integration

Security and Flexibility

  • Peer-to-peer encryption
  • Device Independence IOS or Android
  • Interact directly from Browser or Mobile Device
  • Adjust the solution to fit your dealership size and needs
  • Customize the look to fit your existing website
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