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Remote live video calls for interior design has the potential to be an industry game-changer. Interior design is a highly visual field, and remote video interaction allows companies to offer unique services. Intellacall’s End to End Virtual Sales Interaction and Management Solution provides businesses with a new approach to dealing with their clients.

Become More Competitive

What sets industry leaders in interior design apart from others? Their ease of interaction. Video calls for interior design open up an entire world of possibility for professionals, ranging from remote site visits and appraisals to customer consultation. Never before has the world of interior design become so manageable!

Make free estimates cost-effective by getting the proposed project’s scope and practicality before scheduling an in-person visit. Live video calls help businesses by keeping their estimate-cost down and allowing virtual site visits to save time.

Use Your Time Wisely With Video Calls for Interior Design

If your business covers a wide area, you may not have time to dedicate to each client individually. However, with Intellacall’s remote video calls for interior design, you have a unique opportunity. Clients can explain their wants in real-time as they show you around their property remotely.

Thanks to modern technology, clients have access to a simple app on their phones or tablets that allows them to give you a virtual walkthrough. From there, you can even set up a site visit if you need to.

Outpace your competition by offering free estimates without the fear of wasting time and money on unrealistic customer expectations or vision. Competition is fierce in the interior design industry, and Intellacall is dedicated to offering fast video interaction for business to meet your needs.

Further Benefits of Live Video Calls for Interior Design

  • Create better, more professional in-person presentations by understanding the customer’s scope, wants and needs before arriving. Live product demos through seamless video calling has never been more accessible.
  • Save time and effort while remaining professional in your business dealings by showing up with only the relevant samples and a plan for their project on the initial in-person visit.
  • Convert more estimates to jobs by reviewing your online interaction and recognizing existing color schemes or cues given by the customer about essential elements of the proposed project.

Today’s interior design business requires a flexible and adaptable firm that seamlessly integrates modern technology into their offerings. Let Intellacall be your partner for live video calls. Contact us today to learn more about our live video calls for interior design.