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Live video calls for landscapers enable your business to take your interaction up a notch. A seamlessly integrated live video calling solution is precisely what a business needs to operate in the “new normal.” Intellacall offers a commercial Virtual Sales Interaction and Management Solution designed specifically for business applications.

Video Calls for Landscapers Can Change Your Business

Landscaping can be a time-consuming profession, primarily if your business covers a massive geographical area. With video calls for landscapers provided by Intellacall, you get the convenience of having a video consultation scheduler on your own website. The system is compatible with most websites and WordPress frontends, making it easy to contact your clientele through your website.

Video Calls for landscapers also offers your business the chance to interact with customers remotely. There’s no need to make reconnaissance visits to sites, just have the client schedule a call and walk you around. Since our system works with all sorts of hardware, including phones and tablets, you don’t have to worry about compatibility.

Taking Your Professional Practice to New Interactivity Levels

Customer interaction forms the core of many modern businesses. Landscaping is no different, requiring consultation with the client as well as many in-person visits. Use video calling to help your business adapt to the ever-changing needs of clients. You even have the option of doing remote consults without having to travel. Among the benefits that video calling for landscapers brings to the table are:

  • Make free estimates cost-effective by getting the proposed project’s scope and practicality before scheduling an in-person visit. Virtual video interaction allows you to be present without even needing to leave your office.
  • Outpace your competition by offering free estimates without the fear of wasting time and money on unrealistic consumer expectations. Speed up the time between contact and assessment by relying on secure, reliable video connection technology provided by Intellacall.
  • Develop more professional in-person presentations by understanding the customer’s scope, wants, and needs before arriving.
  • Save time and effort while looking more professional by showing up with only the relevant samples and planning their project on the initial in-person visit. Being aware of what you’ll encounter on a site is just a live video call away.
  • Convert more estimates to jobs by reviewing your online interaction and cluing into existing color schemes or ques given by the customer about the proposed project’s essential elements.

Meeting the Challenges of Today’s Business World

Landscapers have a competitive business and need to connect with clients. Remote video calling offers landscapers the chance to connect to their clients remotely, using their own websites to promote their modern approach. Let Intellacall show you how video calls for landscapers can change the way you do business forever. Contact us now.