The automotive industry has pivoted into using live video for business in several unique yet impressive ways. Among some of the more common adaptations of End to End Virtual Sales Interaction and Management Solutions are:

  • Instant Live Video Calls. Put your salesperson in face to face online interaction with the customer instantly from your existing webpage.
  • Easy, Low, or even No cost integration into your existing webpage. Get a live interaction solution that suits your webpage’s design seamlessly.
  • There is no need to change any part of your sales process. Our system enables you to do what you do best entirely or partially online. You decide.
  • Bring your brick and mortar dealership up to speed with the big online buying platforms. All the benefits of complete online buying to the end consumer but with the ability to walk the consumer through all your dealership has to offer. Live video sales have never been this easy!
  • No compromising. Convenient online buying for the consumer without missing upsell opportunities for your dealership.
  • Live lead generation directly on your existing webpage.
  • Turn live video leads into sales on your existing website with total flexibility. Use this solution to bring customers in the door, present the vehicle entirely online or anywhere in between.

Adapting To A Changing Business World

Live video calls for business aren’t just a new technology. They are a unique way of interacting with consumers that businesses need to adapt to fast. Consumers have become very used to remote interactions, and companies that don’t live up to this expectation risk losing their most prized consumers.

Live video sales for automotive businesses is something that suppliers should be exploring as a convenience to both their salespeople and their consumers. Not only do video calls for companies offer an excellent way for consumers to speak one-on-one with a business representative, but it also allows them to schedule more sales meetings per hour than on-site visits. There’s no need to worry about losing the buyer’s interest since the remote session is as good as a face-to-face consultation. Additionally, several immediate benefits that video calls for business offers are apparent.

Seamless Experience For Your Customers

  • No downloads, No friending, Seamless video interaction technology
  • Privacy protection
  • Any device / Any OS
  • Instant Live Video Calls from their phone or computer

Oversight Of The Entire Sales Process

  • Call recording and forwarding
  • Review interactions for training and management
  • Team management, analytics, reporting
  • CRM / Web integration
  • Share Documents, Videos, and Images with customers

Security and Flexibility

  • Peer-to-peer encryption
  • Device Independence IOS or Android
  • Interact directly from Browser or Mobile Device
  • Adjust the solution to fit your dealership size and needs
  • Customize the look to fit your existing website

Take Your Business For a Spin

The automotive businesses that will thrive in the coming economic climate are those that can adapt. Now is the perfect time to consult Intellacall about their video calls for business solutions specific to the automotive industry. Choose a leader in the industry to support your shift into a more responsive gear when dealing with customers.