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Live video calls for masons allows a professional to interact with clients remotely. It increases the scope of a business and makes it more likely for clients to interact with them. Offer a live product demo, or set up a way for clients to show you issues without doing a site visit. Intellacall’s cutting-edge Virtual Sales Interaction and Management Solution offers all of this and more!

Modern Practices Need Video Calling for Masons

Consultation and site visits are among the most time-consuming parts of a mason’s job. Often, clients are unable or unwilling to describe their needs, requiring a site visit to determine what’s needed for the job, only to return later to finish it. There must be a better way for a mason to conduct business in the twenty-first century yet remain professional, right?

Intellacall provides remote live video calls for masons to help with this problem. Instead of visiting a site, a mason can simply schedule a call with a client and have them do a walkthrough of the job. A skilled mason can immediately tell what they need to do the job and what complications might arise. You can even offer your clients a free estimate without having to leave your own office!

Professional Benefits of Live Video Calls for Masons

  • Make free estimates cost-effective by getting the proposed project’s scope and practicality before scheduling an in-person visit.
  • Outpace your competition by offering free estimates without the fear of wasting time and money on clients’ unrealistic expectations. Speed is vital in a competitive business environment, and Intellacall removes the hassle of transit through its streamlined live video chat.
  • Better, more professional in-person presentations by understanding the customer’s scope, wants, and needs before arriving.
  • Live video presentations take your business interaction to an entirely new level.
  • Save time and effort while looking more professional by showing up with only the relevant samples and planning their project on the initial in-person visit.
  • Convert more estimates to jobs by reviewing your online interaction and cluing into existing color schemes or ques given by the customer about the proposed project’s essential elements.

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Intellacall has a reputation for providing reliable services to experts in several fields. Our easy-to-integrate system fits any website or WordPress frontend, allowing for live consultation-calling and scheduled remote video conferences. Let us help you make your business into a twenty-first-century enterprise with our video calling technology! Contact us today to find out more.