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Live video calls for roofers offer businesses a new way to interact with their clients. Intellacall offers a revolutionary Virtual Sales Interaction and Management Solution for roofing contractors. Learn how we can take your business into the twenty-first century, one video call at a time.

Video Calls for Roofers Increase Business Visibility

Today’s consumers are all about convenience. If you can deliver a product or a service without making them leave their homes, you’re the perfect candidate for getting their business. Thanks to this focus on remote interaction, video calls for roofers have become more of a necessity today than ever before. Consumers are used to being able to contact professionals remotely. Intellacall’s service helps modern businesses meet this challenge.

Not only can a business adapt to changing consumer sentiment, but it also offers a level of convenience to the contractor. Video calls for roofers ensure that roofing experts can immediately assess a situation and offer estimates and advice before heading out to the site. This proactive action translates into fewer trips to the client’s location and more effective use of your time.

A Changing World Needs Adaptable Professionals

Bring your service business into the 21st century with the ability to see your customers issue in real-time while you’re in the field or your office. See what materials you will need or walk the customer through troubleshooting procedures before you arrive. Live video calls allow you to inspect a job site beforehand.

Make free estimates cost-effective by getting the proposed project’s scope and practicality before scheduling an in-person visit. Site-visits may be a thing of the past, thanks to the flexible video interaction for a business that Intellacall offers.

Imagine being able to troubleshoot your customers’ issues instantly from your computer or smart device from anywhere in the world. You can, in real-time, walk them through temporary shutdown or basic diagnostic procedures. Live video calls for roofers ensure that you can deliver one-on-one interaction with your clients as soon as they contact you.

Save precious time and money by never showing up to a job without the correct parts or materials. The customer can show you the exact area of the problem or even send high-resolution pictures or videos of model numbers or part numbers directly within the interaction. You can even highlight areas of the screen you want them to focus on by simply touching your screen in that area.

Moving Business Forward with Technology

The world around you has changed, and it makes sense that a business should evolve along with its environment. Remote video calling is the next significant leap in business technology, and you don’t want to miss out on it. Contact Intellacall as early as possible to learn how remote video calls for roofers can raise your company’s visibility.